Gas Off Hand and Surface Wipes 15ct



Gas Off Hand and Surface Wipes 15ct


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Residue & Odor Eliminator Cleaning Wipe Canister

Keep Gas Off cleaning wipe canisters on hand at the auto shop, maintenance garage or even in the back seat to keep unwelcome gasoline smells off of you and your work space!

Ever wondered how to get rid of gasoline smell? Especially in the car…but then what about how to get gas smell off of your hands?

Removing gasoline and diesel smell is what Gas Off was designed to do. It removes gas and diesel odor and residue from your hands and surfaces after over spills!

The Gas Off Canister contains 15 pre-moistened cleaning wipes with a fresh linen scent!

Gas Off is Safe for Your Hands and Surfaces

Gas Off Hand & Surface Cleaning Wipes are:

  • Solvent free
  • Non-alcohol based
  • 100% non-toxic*

Each neutralizes and transfers gas odors and residue from all surfaces while being gentle on hands and skin.

Gas Off wet wipes are safe on:

  • Fabrics
  • Paint finishes
  • Chrome
  • Plastic surfaces
  • Rubber hoses
  • Variety of other household items