Is it worth fixing my older machine?

Yes, it usually is! And all it usually takes is a thorough servicing to make your current machine much more like new. Here at Berwyn Lawnmower we believe in making sure you have a machine that runs and is reliable – whether it’s 20 years old or brand new. We want happy customers…not sales targets.

Can you pick up my equipment?

We do offer pick-up and delivery of your equipment within a limited range. Areas include the Main Line and its surrounding communities.

Please call us for a quote (as prices vary) and to see if we can come to you.

We ask that all equipment be placed in the driveway by 9am for easy pick-up. If your machine has a bagging system, plow or any other attachment, they must be removed prior to our arrival.


Why use an “authorized service center”?

Authorized service providers are cleared to work on a product that is still under warranty without voiding that warranty. In order to earn this designation, every mechanic has to complete a certification test administered by the manufacturers. Our mechanics are trained to work on all makes, brands and models.

We are an authorized service center for the following equipment brands:

Cub Cadet (and anything in the MTD family), Scag, Echo, Bear Cat, Little Wonder, Mackissic, Billy Goat, Mantis, Oregon

We are an authorized service center for the following engine brands:

Kawasaki, Kohler, Briggs & Stratton





What information should I have with me?

When inquiring about a part over the phone or in person, we ask that you please have the model, serial number and in some cases the engine number from that machine readily available. This will help us in finding the correct part for you.

Who are the owners? Who is Lucy?

Berwyn Lawnmower is owned and operated by Kevin & Ryan Ercole. The business was purchased from Lee Reynolds in 2015.

Both were born and raised on the Main Line and have strong ties with the local community.

About Kevin:

Graduate of Radnor High School

Graduate of Gateway College- School Golf Course Mechanics & Maintenance

Formerly an employee of:

-White Manor Country Club

-Lee’s Power Equipment

About Ryan:

Graduate of Radnor High School

Graduate of Widener University with a Bachelors in Business Management and minors in Sports Management & Accounting

Formerly an employee of:

-Do It Best Hardware of Wayne

-St. David’s Golf Club

-Radnor Hotel

-Billet Proof Designs LLC

About Lucy:

Lucy is a 10-year old American Field Lab and is the stores mascot, canine greeter and – let’s face it – the real boss of the operation. She loves to be petted, enjoys treats, and would love for you to stop by.


Do you work on snow blowers, pressure washers and generators?

Yes. We do repairs and service on all brands of snow blowers, pressure washers and generators. We also sell new units as well.

Our snow blower brands are Cub Cadet and Columbia. Both are highly rated by Consumer Reports year after year for their reliability and durability.

Our pressure washer brands include: Echo Bear Cat, Cub Cadet and Oregon

Our generator / inverter brands include: Echo Bear Cat and Oregon


Can you fix a flat tire?

We can fix flat tires, replace bearings, valve stems or install a new tire(s) on tractors, hand trucks /dollies, wheel barrows, trailers and more.

We do not fix tires filled with Slime or Fix-A-Flat and apologize for the inconvenience.

Does pump fuel go bad?

Yes. Don’t take fuel for granted. A major engine manufacturer sent us a bulletin stating that if you put fuel older than 30 days in their engines you will void the warranty. 30 DAYS! Know your fuel sources.

The main reason for this is the ethanol found in today’s fuel. Ethanol attracts water and it does break down faster than gasoline. Ethanol decreases the life of the engine and its parts. The alcohol is not good for seals and causes a quicker break-down. With water absorbing into the fuel, there is the chance that rust will form on the interior of the engine. For obvious reasons, this is bad for any piece of equipment. The particles that get into the gas from rust flakes will clog up the fuel filter sooner or later. It is possible that these flakes will also cause damage to the pistons, rings, seals, and any number of other components of the engine.

We recommend high volume stations with name branded fuel. It is a great idea to treat all fuel with a stabilizer such as Starbrite, Seafoam or Stabil to extend its shelf life and reduce the negative effects of ethanol.

Do you offer financing?

Yes. We offer financing through Sheffield Financial.

Sheffield has been around for 25+ years and provides financing for outdoor power equipment, power sports equipment and trailers for most major brand names in the industry. They are backed by one of the nation’s largest financial holding companies, they offer innovative financing options, friendly service and quick credit decisions (24 hours or less).

Once you pick out your new machine, all it takes is a few minutes to complete the online paperwork here at our store. With a minimum down payment and approved credit, you can possibly be approved for up to 48-months of interest free monthly payments.

We also accept Cub Cadet financing through TD Bank. All orders must be made and signed for in person. Please note that a $125 processing fee applies to all orders.



Do you carry trailer accessories?

We carry all Rack’Em and Jungle Jim’s brand trailer products. Accessories include- Trailer Racks (for tools, blowers and trimmers), Basket Kits, Bins and Cooler Holders for open or enclosed trailers.

Don’t want to install it yourself? Tell us what you want and let us do it for you!


Jungle Jim’s:


Why does my battery die during the colder months?

Idle Life Leads To Death

Idle batteries, especially those sitting in tractors during long winter months of storage, slowly lose their charge to parasitic drain. When this occurs, sulfur molecules in the sulfuric acid that constitutes a battery’s electrolyte solution attach themselves to a battery’s lead plates. That sulfur can coat the plates so thoroughly that in a surprisingly short time (often less than a couple of months) it prevents the battery from being recharged. This process is called sulfation and is the number one cause of battery failure.

Certainly, disconnecting the cables from a battery of a tractor going into storage is a good start. Even then, a fully charged battery in storage will deplete itself at a rate of 1% discharge per day.

Store Them For The Winter

So your best bet is to remove the battery from the tractor and keep it charged in storage. By the way, storing batteries on concrete floors does not cause them to discharge any faster than if they are sitting on a wooden shelf. Wherever batteries are stored, be sure the area is not subjected to freezing or high temperatures. In fact, high temps are worse for batteries. A battery stored at 95°F. will self-discharge twice as fast as one stored at 75°F.

Get A Smart Charger

Purchase a charger regulated to maintain a battery at normal levels for long storage periods. Such smart chargers use a microprocessor that senses when a battery has reached its peak charge and then switches to a float mode. This feature maintains voltage at a level sufficient to keep a battery from discharging, but it also prevents it from being overcharged.