Trufuel Ethanol-Free Gas

Trufuel Ethanol-Free Gas

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With TruFuel, there’s no mixing and no mess. Simply open the can, pour, and get to work. Unlike gas station gasoline that begins to break down after as little as 30 days, TruFuel lasts for years when unopened. Our fuel stays fresh for 2 years after opening and more than 5 years unopened.

TruFuel is a high-octane fuel that’s uniquely engineered and blended without ethanol. That means easier startup, smooth idling and quicker trigger response. Pump gas is made for your car but can wreak havoc on a small engine. Pump gas and oil can leave carbon deposits and gunk in your engine and fuel line. TruFuel is cleaner, enhances equipment performance, and is better for your engine – which is important because ethanol will wear away rubber and plastic engine parts. Ethanol is also a powerful solvent. When separation occurs, it often degrades rubber fuel lines and plastic components, causing unnecessary maintenance problems and reduced lifespan for your outdoor power equipment.

Trufuel makes 4-cycle. 50:1 and 40:1 fuels. All are available in quarts, gallons and 5-gallon containers.